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Propane Gas HILO Cylinder Gauge

The Continental HILO Propane Cylinder Gauge is designed to measure the pressure in a Gas Cylinder so you get a visual indication if you are running out of gas.

This unit is fitted with an excess flow mechanism which prevents a surplus amount of gas from being released. For example, if your pigtail burst's, or the regulator comes lose, or you remove anything connected to it before shutting off the gas cylinder, the excess flow mechanism will trip on the gauge and the gas supply will automatically be cut off.

Key Features:
  • Gives an indication of a cylinder’s content - based on pressure
  • To be used with Propane Cylinders that use a standard screw-in propane regulator e.g. 3.9kg cylinder, 6kg cylinder, 11kg cylinder, 13kg cylinder, 19kg cylinder and 47kg cylinder.
  • Male POL inlet x Female POL outlet.
  • Maximum flow capacity of 6m3/hr
  • Self-resetting
  1. #How it works#
    How does it work?
    Once the gauge is in place, you will notice that the indicator does not move like a gas gauge in a car. You could use your cylinder a number of times and the indicator will not move. This does not mean that the gauge does not work, this is simply because the gauge works based on pressure, and a propane cylinder is designed to deliver a steady amount of pressure consistantly so there is little movement by the indicator. It is only when the cylinder is around 1/4 full that you will see the indicatior really move and show a more accurate indication.

    As the gauge works on pressure, the indicator will read higher when it is warmer outside and lower when it is extremely cold outside. For example, in the summer a 1/2 full tank could be read as completely full, however in the winter, the same 1/2 full cylinder could be read as 1/4 empty.
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Looks a decent product and works well.
I like the safety aspect built in as well.
Stuart B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Now that Calor Gaslight with built in guage are no more this device is great in showing how much gas is left.
Rob D.
Shopping Satisfaction
Top quality.
Garry A.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good service and does what it should do.
Alan B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good product.
Gennaro L.
Shopping Satisfaction
Looks good.
Peter J.
Shopping Satisfaction
Brilliant. An easy, affordable way to find out how much gas you have left in your bottle. I use mine for 46kg Propane bottles and it works great.
Robert S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great product.
Debra P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Clear instruction.
David L.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent quality and fitted like a dream. My only concern was when I realised it was Royal Mail delivering but on this occasion they was fine but didn’t know when they are coming!
Brian Sayers.