Portable Gas Patio Heaters

Portable Heaters / Propane Heaters

Portable Gas Heaters are a perfect option when looking to heat a small or large area or the home, garden or office. Our outdoor gas heaters are a simple way to keep you warm during the clear winter nights at home or away, our heater is designed with a powerful radiant heat to provide for a range of scenarios.

As Propane Gas continues to convert from a liquid to a gas even in extremely cold temperatures, our portable heater is designed to work specifically with Propane and therefore comes with a regulator and hose assembly included in the price to match this.

We also know that some garden patio heaters are not always designed with safety in mind, which is why we only supply heaters with a built-in flame failure device which will automatically cut the gas supply if the heater is knocked over or the gas hose becomes disconnected.