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How exactly do Automatic Changeovers work?

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Gas Equipment Direct offer a vast range of both manual and automatic changeover regulators.

Whether you are looking for a 2 cylinder changeover or a 4 cylinder changeover, we offer everything you will need to connect your gas cylinder/s to your appliance. Automatic changeover systems can be found in static homes, domestic installations, boats and holiday homes.

Why should you purchase an automatic changeover over a manual changeover? The simple answer is, automatic changeovers ensure a continuous gas supply to the installation, and automatically switch to the reserve cylinder/s when the pressure falls in the supply cylinder.

Once the system has been fully set-up by a registered gas technician and is ready to go, the black lever will be pointing to the supply cylinder/s and the window on the changeover regulator will be clear in colour. Once the supply cylinder/s are empty, the automatic changeover will automatically switch to the reserve cylinder/s and the window will turn red. When you see that the window is red in colour, you will need to turn the black lever so it is now pointing to the cylinder/s where the gas is being supplied from. You should then disconnect the empty cylinder/s and replace them with full cylinders, so they are in place and ready to use when the reserve cylinder/s have run out of gas. This cycle will keep repeating itself, and you will need to make sure that you keep changing the lever position when required so you always know which side the gas is coming from.

Please note that in some cases, when the gas cylinder/s are delivered, the driver will turn the black lever for you, so if you have already done this, please let them know.

Having an automatic changeover is extremely beneficial as you will always have a constant gas supply and you will not need to worry about constantly changing your cylinder/s or running out of gas.

All our regulators have been tested and meet the latest European and British Standards.

Posted by: pm
Posted on: 8 October 2021
Posted in: Advice
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