Propane Gas Regulators and BBQ Hoses

Propane regulators and Butane regulators for BBQ's availble in high and low pressure options. Our Continetnal range includes adjustable propane gas regulators: 27mm Patio Gas Regulators, 37mbar POL Regulators, 0 – 2 Bar Adjustable Regs and 0 – 4 Bar Adjustable Regs. 
Regulators and Cylinder Compatibility 
✔27mm Clip-On Propane Regulators suit: Calor Patio Gas cylinders 5kg and 13kg.
✔37mbar Screw-In Propane Regulator suits Calor and Flogas 3.9kg, 6kg, 11kg, 13kg, 19kg and 47kg cylinders.
✔21mm clip on butane regulators are suitable for Calor Gas 7kg and 15kg, and Flogas 7kg and 13kg cylinders.
✔29mbar Screw-In Butane Regulator suits Calor Butane 4.5kg cylinders.
✔20mm Clip-On Butane Regulators are designed to suit Flogas 4.5kg, 7kg and 13kg cylinders.