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Changeovers and Adaptors

Gas Equipment Direct offers a vast range of both manual and automatic changeover regulators. Whether you are looking for a 2 cylinder changeover or a 4 cylinder changeover, Gas Equipment offers everything you will need to connect your gas cylinders to your appliance.

Our automatic changeover regulators ensure a continuous gas supply to the installation, and automatically switches to the reserve cylinder when the pressure falls in the supply cylinder. Our manual changeover regulators are manually reset when the first gas cylinder is empty however this allows you to keep a constant eye on your gas supply. These regulators can also be supplied with an over pressure shut off (OPSO) safety device. All our regulators have been tested and meet the latest European and British Standards.

We also supply all related accessories such as covers, mounting brackets and pressure test points.

View our range of Changeovers and Adaptors below:

changeover regulators and adaptors uk