Gas Equipment Direct offer anything from screws and cable ties to domestic and commercial test gauges which test installed pipework for leaks prior to the introduction of gas. Our marker gas on/off tape is identification tape printed with on-off arrows and is primarily situated above a gas ball valve to indicate whether the gas valve is open or closed depending on the direction in which the lever is pointing.

Our hardware includes Cable Ties, Heavy Duty Hacksaws, Screws, Manometers and Sealant Applicator Guns. We also offer a range of PTFE Gas Tape and Thread Seal Tapes as well as essential Hazard Warning Tapes, primarily used for sealing gas and liquid joints.

Gas Equipment Direct also stock a variety of Multi-Purpose Jointing Compounds, lead and lead-free solder wire and several leak detector sprays suitable for use on pipework carrying Natural Gas and LPG.

View our extensive range of PTFE Gas Tape, Leak Detector Sprays and Gas Pipe Jointing Compounds  below: